what you need to know when you arrive

Please take a few minutes to see what you will need to know before you arrive at the salon & spa

When you arrive at the salon:

  • Once you park your car, call and let us that you have arrived. When your service provider is ready, we will call you right back.
  • Please leave bags or large handbags, outerwear, food, beverages ( except water) and other non-essential items in your car.
  • You will be required to wear a mask at all times during you visit at the salon and spa.
  • Upon entry, remain in the lobby foyer until you are greeted for a touch less temperature screening which will not require you to remove your mask.  
  • We will confirm your service(s) and direct you to the salon area where your service provider will greet you.

Some notes about our hygiene practices:

  • All areas where you will be having services are sanitized just prior to your arrival or use.                                                               This includes all styling, shampoo and processing stations you may visit.
  • Our team has received a sanitation manual and has been instructed on proper sanitation and disinfecting practices.
  • We have modified and upgraded salon layout and systems to meet or exceed all requirements.

During your visit:

  • Should you wish to provide a gratuity, you will be provided with gratuity envelopes and we ask that you give it directly to the individual service provider or you can use venmo.
  • All beverages, as well as wine and cheese have been suspended for now so please bring your own bottled water and take your bottle with you.

Spa Services: Our Spa is open for all services:


 • All procedures requiring a client o remove his/her mask must be performed by a single service provider wearing a mask that completely covers the nose and mouth, and a face shield that extends below the chin.

• Time-Limited Procedures: services that can be completed in a short period of time.

Example: a facial waxing can be performed provided removal of the clients mask only occurs for the time necessary to complete the procedure on the parts of the face covered by the mask.

when waxing  upper lip, chin and eyebrow , the mask may be removed only for the portion of the service that involves those area’s and must remain on for the other portions.

 • Extended-Time Services  services that take more than just a few minutes to perform such as facials, make-up services, can be performed provided removal of the customer’s mask only occurs during the active time of the service.

Clients must wear facial coverings inside the spa until the service begins and must be replace them immediately after the procedure is finished. These procedures must be performed in a procedure room with doors closed, and are limited to one service provider and one customer per room.  The Service provider will perform appropriate cleaning, disinfection, and air exchange inside the space after each client

We would like to thank you for your cooperation for following the rules – Safety Is Our Priority

Our Best,

The Soho Team