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Sunday, March 12, 2017
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Last weeks 2017 trends class at Soho provided by Liz Wright, one of WELLA’S  top artist’s and educator was a big hit with staff!

Influenced by the current makeup trends of contouring, hair color contouring is a hand crafted hair-color technique that is revolutionizing the use of hair color and how it can frame, define and sculpt the shape of the face .                                                      

Contouring color placement is the use of light, dark, and shade carefully hand painted (balayage) and placed  around key areas of the face.  

It is used to bring out natural beauty and to complement a clients natural skin tone and eye color.  

What makes the contouring color placement technique so exciting, is the ability to use light and dark shade to create an illusion. The result is a unique personalized color design to enhance the client’s facial features, which goes beyond just a beautiful hair color.

It all starts with the consultation, our clients personal color choice, client age and lifestyle.  We are professionally trained to determine the color equation, warm or cool skin tone and eye color and most important in color contouring is understanding of face shapes.  This is where our advanced education and training really pays off.

Touching on key points of the clients individual face shape, we determine where placement of  light contouring will accentuate or dark contouring will diminish, from a subtle nuance of cool softness, delicate contouring to enhance natural skin tone, or adding brightness to create a dramatic change with easy color maintenance.  

At the class, WELLA  introduced the new Le Beige Color Collection, the beautiful tonal combinations pairing major soft cool and warm vibrant tones that deliver a modern look that support the new Color Contouring Technique for all skin types.

There are many colors that continue to trend, such as,  platinum blonde,  where it is so pale it almost appears white.                        

Pastels like the candy-colored locks, once reserved for only the most fearless, can now be light and lively but still look sophisticated, and muted shades of pastel can achieve a subtle change.

Which brings us to “Shades of Grey” This fashion forward trend is a hit, especially with women that want to rock their silver locks. It has a way of turning heads and proving that grey is stunning, at any age.

With so many color options available to our Master Colorists at Soho , the sky is the limit. Let’s do it !!  xosoho

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