The truth about red heads
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Monday, February 13, 2017
By Tracy Bellucci
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What's the secret behind keeping your vibrant red color after you leave the salon?  The answer is are some great tips to help your red color last longer.

Color Treated Reds

Color treated red heads require a lot of maintenance when done, because the dye molecules found in red hair color are typically larger than that of other hues.  Essentially, those over-sized molecules can't penetrate the hair shaft, therefore over a short period of time, within a matter of three to four weeks, it fades or washes out a lot quicker.  

Some tips to help preserve your vibrant red...use a color treated conditioning mask once a week.  A conditioning treatment is a great way to revive vibrancy, tone and luster back into the hair.  Especially on cold, windy days.

Another great tip...after a color application in salon, we recommend you not wash your hair for at least 48 hours.  Although not washing your hair may seem beneficial for your lucious locks, at some point we all have to give in.  Next time, wash your hair with cooler water vs. hot water.  Hot water will slowly strip the red dye out your hair, leaving your hair looking flat and dull.

In addition to washing with cooler water, use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.  Sulfate free shampoo and conditioners are safe to use on any type of hair because it doesn’t strip away essentials oils or pigmentation as well as, increases moisture retention within the hair.  

Longing for the warmth and sun to return...I think it's safe to say so are we.  However, as much as we love to be outside, the sun beating down on your red hair could cause the color to fade fast.  Our recommendation, invest in a thermal protectant spray.  A UV spray will help preserve your vibrant red tone while you enjoy the warmth of the sun.  

Being a red head definitely has its pro's and cons, but eventually with any color it to will  fade.  We hope that with these helpful tips you are able to pro-long your lucious red and keep it vibrant until your next visit to the salon!



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