Should We Get Excited About Makeup?
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Friday, March 31, 2017
By H.S. for Soho
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Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about makeup, ya know? It’s easier to get excited about a new hair color, a new haircut or even going shopping for a fresh spring uniform.

But I have to tell you, I am really in love with the new Velvet Air Lipstick & Lash Amplifiying Mascara that we just brought into our salon, its from Ecru New York.                                                                        

So why am I excited,  well to begin with the lipstick feels really good on - it's soo... moisturizing, the colors are amazing - but best of all, it has a chameleon texture that appears differently according to how you apply it.

 Just a single swipe of your finger transforms the satin color into a true matte finish - it is so  cool.   Really, "yes" we cannot keep it in stock

Now let talk lashes, one of the biggest trends this past couple years at Soho are lash extensions, they really do offer luscious length and volume without a heavy makeup application.

They are popular at Soho with everyone from our client fashion models to the local yoga teacher, including our staff. Just ask Brittany our lash specialist.

However, not everyone is willing to commit to the maintaience or cost of beatiful lash extensions.  

Which brings us to Ecru Amplifiying Mascara, this is truly a great alternative option.  What  I love about this mascara is it gives me a fuller, intense, longer lash.

If you want to know what really rocks - it doesn't smudge, flake and won't clump.                                  

The first day I used the mascara, my lashes looked so much fuller, I was asked by several clients if had extensions.  So now tell me "whats not to like"! 

Interested  stop by our Tester Bar at the salon & I bet - you won't leave without one!


Watch the Ecru videos below, Mona gave us a preview of both the lipsticks and mascara at a class held for the Soho staff in November - get the full story and further tips and tricks.  oxxo



Velvet Air Lipstick

Amplifying Mascara

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