Beat the winter blues with these helpful hair tips
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Thursday, February 09, 2017
By Tracy Bellucci
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Ahh, it's that blustery season again, and our hair just isn't cooperating!  Is your hair a bit on the dry side, or lacking its youthful bounce?  We've got a few tricks to take with you to help get your hair back in top shape.

It's a no brainer, the frigid cold air pulls the moisture right out of your hair, leaving you with extreme dryness and sometimes dandruff.  Our solution... try Wella's Enrich Moisturizing Treatment.  This moisturizing mask has humectants in it, which help when the weather is extremely dry, absorb moisture from your hair.

Maybe you decide to stay indoors at all times, right?  Wrong! Believe it or not, indoor heating also plays a huge factor in damaging those vulnerable locks of yours.  In fact, staying indoors is the equivalent of spending the day under a blow-dryer...YIKES!  Not a good combination for trying to revive your hair.  To resolve this hair issue, try Wella's Enrich Moisturizing Balm.  A couple of sprays will get it back in shape and replenish some of the moisture back into your hair.

And for many people, wearing a hat may be a simple solution to solve this problem, but it could actually do more harm than good.  Some hats, (especially if they are made of wool) can cause friction and static when put on, and can sometimes lead to breakage and split ends.  Our recommendation... book your appointment with your stylist!  We think a good trim might be in order to refresh your look and rid you of your split end blues!





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