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Should We Get Excited About Makeup?
Friday, March 31, 2017
Should We Get Excited About Makeup?

Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about makeup, ya know? It’s easier to get excited about a new hair color, a new haircut or even going shopping for a fresh spring uniform.But I have to tell you, I am really in love with the new Velvet Air Lipstick & Lash Amplifiying Mascara that we just brought into our salon, its from Ecru New York.                                                                        So why am I excited,  well to begin with the lipstick feels really good on - it's ...

Trending in Haircolor 2017
Sunday, March 12, 2017
Should We Get Excited About Makeup?

THIS SEASONS TREND: COLOR CONTOURING............. Last weeks 2017 trends class at Soho provided by Liz Wright, one of WELLA’S  top artist’s and educator was a big hit with staff!Influenced by the current makeup trends of contouring, hair color contouring is a hand crafted hair-color technique that is revolutionizing the use of hair color and how it can frame, define and sculpt the shape of the face .                                                      Contouring color placement is the use of light, dark, and shade carefully hand ...

Trendspotting at the Oscars
Saturday, March 04, 2017
Should We Get Excited About Makeup?

Soho Hair, New Haven has been spotting trends for over 35 years, in the hair business it is a necessity to stay on top of trends wherever they are lurkin. Celebrity hair styles always influence clients as we get our daily share of clients bringing in a picture of their favorite star's hair cut or color.  To this end we have enlisted one of our stylists to watch the Oscars,  to spot some new trends in hair and fashion for the coming season.  So here is our take on what we think will influence hair this spring.Besides the usual chingons, pulled back long ponytails and flowing manes, curls, finger waves," S" waves appeared  to be dominant on many styles, from short to ...

The truth about red heads
Monday, February 13, 2017
Should We Get Excited About Makeup?

What's the secret behind keeping your vibrant red color after you leave the salon?  The answer is simple...here are some great tips to help your red color last longer.Color Treated RedsColor treated red heads require a lot of maintenance when done, because the dye molecules found in red hair color are typically larger than that of other hues.  Essentially, those over-sized molecules can't penetrate the hair shaft, therefore over a short period of time, within a matter of three to four weeks, it fades or washes out a lot quicker.  Some tips to help preserve your vibrant red...use a color treated conditioning mask once a week.  A conditioning treatment is a great way ...

Beat the winter blues with these helpful hair tips
Thursday, February 09, 2017
Should We Get Excited About Makeup?

Ahh, it's that blustery season again, and our hair just isn't cooperating!  Is your hair a bit on the dry side, or lacking its youthful bounce?  We've got a few tricks to take with you to help get your hair back in top shape.It's a no brainer, the frigid cold air pulls the moisture right out of your hair, leaving you with extreme dryness and sometimes dandruff.  Our solution... try Wella's Enrich Moisturizing Treatment.  This moisturizing mask has humectants in it, which help when the weather is extremely dry, absorb moisture from your hair.Maybe you decide to stay indoors at all times, right?  Wrong! Believe it or not, indoor heating also plays a huge factor ...