December 1980, the start of what was to become the ME generation, we opened our doors Dec 15th, 1980, with one assistant and began what was surely an unknown journey.

      Frequently socializing in SoHo NYC in the late 70”s, we took our inspiration from the culture that existed in the south of houston section in Manhattan.

Hard to believe today, but the SoHo neighborhood was an inexpensive alternative for artists, musicians, and bohemians to live cheaply in the Big Apple, it was a progressive, creative, energetic area of city and very exciting to be part of.


Here in New Haven, Westville Village was just starting to go through its own gentrification, attracting artists, musicians and progressives to live and work here for similar reasons, of course on a much smaller scale.  

Settling here we decided to open a 3 chair, 480 sq ft unisex salon and christen it SOHO HAIR, we would be an alternative spirited salon, hopefully to attract the same types of young people who were familiar with the SoHo NYC scene.

 The growth we had when we opened was unexpected, we grew by word of mouth, and yes, artists, musicians, bohemians and more came to be our clients in New Haven.

As our reputation began to spread, not only in here in the City of New Haven, but the  surrounding regional communities or as we like to say, the main stream clientele began to call for our services, we literally ran out of room.

 In 1985 we expanded to 14 chairs and added Hair Group to our name, by 1992 we opened a full service Day Spa and became Soho Hair Group and Day Spa.

In the summer of 2003 Soho employed the services of an award winning architecture firm from Manhattan to redesign our salon. The result created an artfully aesthetic, very colorful and highly energetic space.

In 2014 we decided it was time for a new fresh look to the salon and spa. Inspired by minimalist Eurasia design, we renovated the salon into an open, highly functional transition, creating a state of the art environment for staff to work and clients to enjoy.

We realize every decade has something in common, looking good and feeling good. SOHO’S culture, its team and our dedication to advanced education has become the foundation of our success.

We hope new clients can appreciate our humble beginnings and new employees joining our team will bring that that same spirit, and enthusiasm that has made us one of the most successful Salons anywhere. All the energy and ideas are still here.